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Chamber Concert 1/20/2018 (Windy Keys Trio):

DSC01985 DSC01986 DSC01980 DSC01984 DSC01982 DSC01987 DSC01983 DSC01988 DSC01989 DSC01992 DSC01993 DSC01994 DSC01990 DSC01991 DSC01999 DSC01995 DSC01998 DSC01996 DSC02000 DSC02002 DSC02001 DSC02003

Children’s Concert 11/15/2017:

DSC01558 DSC01560 DSC01559 DSC01556 DSC01557 DSC01564 DSC01562 DSC01561 DSC01565 DSC01563 DSC01568 DSC01567 DSC01566 DSC01570 DSC01573 DSC01571 DSC01569 DSC01575 DSC01572 DSC01576 DSC01577 DSC01579 DSC01582 DSC01580 DSC01581 DSC01583 DSC01584 DSC01586 DSC01585 DSC01588 DSC01587 DSC01591 DSC01590 DSC01592 DSC01589 DSC01594 DSC01596 DSC01597 DSC01593 DSC01598 DSC01595 DSC01599 DSC01600 DSC01603 DSC01602 DSC01604 DSC01601 DSC01605 DSC01606 DSC01608 DSC01611 DSC01607 DSC01609 DSC01612 DSC01610 DSC01613 DSC01615 DSC01616 DSC01614 DSC01617 DSC01618 DSC01619 DSC01620 DSC01623 DSC01621 DSC01624 DSC01622 DSC01625 DSC01626 DSC01629 DSC01628 DSC01627 DSC01630 DSC01631 DSC01632 DSC01633 DSC01634 DSC01635

La Grande Alive: Musical Moments with Matt Cooper

GRSS, Central Fiddle Club, and Island City Fiddle Club Jamming Together 11/7/17

IMG 1215 IMG 1214 IMG 1213 IMG 1212 IMG 1211 IMG 1210 IMG 1209 IMG 1208 IMG 1207 IMG 1206 IMG 1205 IMG 1204 IMG 1203 IMG 1202

Rehearsal with Matt Cooper 11/1/2017:

DSC01530 DSC01531 DSC01532 DSC01533 DSC01535 DSC01536 DSC01537 DSC01538 DSC01539 DSC01540 DSC01541 DSC01542 DSC01543 DSC01544 DSC01546 DSC01547 DSC01548 DSC01549 DSC01550 DSC01551 DSC01552 DSC01553 DSC01554 DSC01555

Quartet at Island City Elementary 10/20/2017:

129F1DC2-71B6-4376-8DA1-431881C9A362 752728DD-FA18-4B78-B1AC-FB8C81169198 6219C7E5-3620-4D25-B684-C1C4AC5E6EB9 76037146-D59D-4E63-80FC-64C99D4DF82C 97CEAF35-4E49-45D8-AFEA-033DD091970D BAEFE5BF-A34F-4866-93FD-99614BC14642 BC655671-063A-4196-9062-D897F596A558 2A095ACF-8EB3-4768-9EA0-DF2B589D7887 C11F7A5F-95A8-4FDE-AE03-C3C0E8E4EB62 ED6054F2-988B-46C4-864C-7B5267503E0F 44BCC60E-141A-436D-920B-15763D9E621C F1316BFA-BEE6-4497-A86A-A0444C7037B2

Chamber Concert 9/29/2017:

20170929 193105 20170929 193313 20170929 193228 20170929 193248 20170929 193116 20170929 193356 20170929 201030 20170929 193351

First Rehearsal 2017: Celebrating Zeke’s Engagement

IMG 1061 IMG 1064 IMG 1069 IMG 1067

2017 Symphony Auction:

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 Chamber Concert 5/6/2017:

Shahayla 1 Shahayla 2

Chamber Concert 4/15/2017:

DSC00720 DSC00722 DSC00721 DSC00717 DSC00719 DSC00723 DSC00724 DSC00727 DSC00725 DSC00726 DSC00729 DSC00731 DSC00728 DSC00732 DSC00733 DSC00734 DSC00735 DSC00737 DSC00736 DSC00738 DSC00739 SaxophobiaNE CynthiaSeaney NancyAmes DeniseHattan

Chamber Concert 3/4/2017:

Chamber 4 3.4.17 Chamber 2 3.4.17 Chamber 1 3.4.17 Chamber 3 3.4.17

Chamber Concert 2/13/2017:

DSC00623 DSC00617 DSC00614

Colleen Nelson, Flute and Lauren Guthridge, Oboe: Duo for Flute and Oboe, Op. 13 – Alberto Ginastera

Lauren Guthridge, Oboe; Aaron Boudreaux, Clarinet; and Hayley Buckley, Bassoon: Divertimento II for Oboe, Clarinet, and Bassoon, KV 439b – Mozart

Heather Tyreman, Oboe and Lauren Guthridge, English Horn: Shepherds of Provence, for Oboe and English Horn – Eugene Bozza

Colleen Nelson, Flute; Lauren Guthridge, Oboe; Aaron Boudreaux, Clarinet; Hayley Buckley, Bassoon; and Steve Tanner, French Horn – La Cheminee du Roi Rene – Darius Milhaud


Holiday Music Festival 12/3 and 12/4/2016:

Children’s Concert 11/16/2016:

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